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I can’t even put into sensible words how EXCITED, HONORED & how ETERNALLY GRATEFUL i am to have had the amazing experience & opportunity to work with such a gifted & talented artist – Marco Mendoza – This #bucketlist photoshoot was a dream come true. You are the ULTIMATE ROCKSTAR – on and off the stage !!
Here is a #rockstarpix photo that is in the #VivaLaRock CD- Marco’s NEW solo album available March 2, 2018. Pre-order here: http://targetshop.dk/marcomendoza/


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THANK YOU Marco Mendoza for understanding the impact and importance of sharing, supporting, encouraging + paying it forward. You are truly one of the very special and unique givers in this universe. Thank you for your energy and light… I am HONORED and HUMBLED by your support of #rockstarpix – The difference it is making to my world is beyond….Just beyond! VIVA LA ROCK!


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